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Episode 25: Startup Struggles — Tears, Snot, & Fears [featuring Allison Puryear]

May 01, 2022 Patrick Casale Season 3 Episode 5
All Things Private Practice Podcast
Episode 25: Startup Struggles — Tears, Snot, & Fears [featuring Allison Puryear]
Show Notes

Self Doubt, Crying, Snot running down your face... Starting a small business is PAINFUL. The combination of constant questioning, pain, and a lot of imposter syndrome is the perfect recipe for entrepreneurship. Too many people try, fail, give up, and chalk it up to "no one can be successful."

On the flip side, the ability to take risks, pivot, learn from mistakes, and authentically show up allows you to create the business that you've always dreamed of. If you can work through the very real struggles of small business startup, you can absolutely be successful.

In this episode of the All Things Private Practice Podcast, I talk with a good friend and visionary in the private practice coaching field, Allison Puryear. Allison is the owner and founder of Abundance Practice Building, helping more than 10,000 therapists start and grow their businesses throughout the country.

Allison and I talk about:

  • Her journey from Georgia to Seattle to Asheville and her struggles along the way
  • Her creation of Abundance Practice Building — from a small idea to a household name
  • How showing up authentically attracts your ideal clients
  • The concept of abundance: there's enough to go around
  • How it's OK to struggle with small business startup... and how to work through the struggle
  • Ways to combat imposter syndrome so you don't convince yourself that reaching your goals isn't possible

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