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All Things Private Practice Podcast

Patrick Casale

An edgy outside the box podcast for therapists, counselors, and entrepreneurs! Hi! I’m Patrick Casale from All Things Private Practice, here to support and empower therapists, counselors, and entrepreneurs in their small business journeys. My goal is to have real, authentic conversations around different hot topics within the industry with leaders and experts to normalize fears, struggles, failures, and celebrate triumphs. The podcast will cover money mindset and money trauma conversations, discuss fears, insecurities, and failures, and highlight how success comes from adversity. We’ll talk impostor syndrome, the importance of AUTHENTICITY, Taking The Leap, successfully creating and launching your business, the future of psychotherapy, and much much more. A lot of our conversations will focus on social justice and anti-racist practice and Breaking The Mold within the mental health field. Explicit language encouraged and supported!! If you want to hear more raw, authentic interviews that are definitely not rehearsed, then subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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